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September 27, 2012
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totoro shoes by lapaa totoro shoes by lapaa
as part of the fundraising for [link] and :iconcourageartbook: I'm selling custom hand-painted shoes :0)

I did these on an old pair of my own shoes, so please note if you buy shoes they won't be dirty and worn out like these XD

shoes are $30 USD + shipping :0)
note me if you're interested and we'll discuss a design!
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justi-adopts Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
These are so cute! I just painted my first pair of shoes last month (they're on my main account). It's really fun, but there are so many awkward angles...
lapaa Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh, show mee! :0D
Painting shoes is WAY fun but WAYY hard XD I keep dying from how hard it isl akewjrlkjd my art teacher had me paint kandinsky shoes for her XDD l akwejrlkawj aaaah so hardd!
eee gotta make money for my project though ! c;
justi-adopts Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012

It's ridiculous! I can't imagine trying to paint onto canvas shoes, all floppy and stuff. And it's so small, trying to fit details and stuff on them is ridiculous.

I saw your project. The book, right? I hope everything goes well for you. I hope you can raise the money, I know things like that can be difficult.
lapaa Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist

ah yeah, it's really hard but alwkerj ; 3; also really fun too aha
I never even thought of painting on shoes like the ones you did! that's awesome!

Yeah, the book and teaching a digital art class so some students at my school can be in the book aha :0)) Thanks! It's going pretty well so far, I think .. ! Just need to keep at it X0)
justi-adopts Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
Thank you so much!!

I really painted those more out of necessity that plain desire. Mary Jane's are hard to find, I bought two black pairs at a re-sale shop and needed a pair to match a dress. The biggest pain was all my brushes are under half an inch. It took FOREVER!

So are you a student teacher? Or are you an assistant? (I'm sorry if I'm being too personal, your project seems interesting.) It's neat thet your including students. I almost got kicked out of the only art class I took in high school (I drew too many dragons, apparently...)
lapaa Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh, aha, I understand how that is! XD Well honestly, they're SUPER cute, so I'm glad you needed them! ;0)
AH RIGHT?! I recently bought a fairly large-ish set of brushes and some of them are pretty big :0D it was like the 'miscelaneous brushes no one wants' but for $5 so I'm like YESSS

I'm a student! :0) A senior in high school. But I'm going to be teaching a digital art class after school for a few weeks pretty soon! To graduate seniors have to do a senior project, so I just decided to go all out on mine XD and don't worry, it's not too personal c:
:0c awh, no... there are so many seriously bad art teachers, I'm SO lucky to have mine.. it's aweful when art teachers let their personal taste get in the way of their teaching...

hey I dunno if you like watching streams or anything, but I'm about to stream a chibi if you want to watch and chat :0) [link]
justi-adopts Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
I tend not to buy bigger brushes because most of what I paint is miniatures, and I don't like feeling like I'm wasting money. I could spend five dollars though...

Oh wow! I would have thought you were older; your stuff looks almost professional. My high school got digital art classes the year after I graduated, so I've really got no experience with it at all. It's a little frustrating seeing everyone younger than me who's so good at it.

My teacher was really good, he's had shows at MoMa, been invited to design pieces for shows in galleries in Houston, won international contests. His whole deal was expanding our horizons and skills, and apparently dragons three times a week wasn't expansive enough for him.

I love streams!! I'm there!
lapaa Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, it was awesome! $5 for a pretty good sized set! I'd say maybe 20 different brushes, all kinds of sizes and wow...

AH THANK YOU! This is such a compliment to me ! ; u; <3
My computer graphics class was all photo manipulation but that was fun too ; u; and it taught me a little bit about photoshop filters and things I'd never played with before ! thoughidon'tusephotoshopalmosteveranymore ;;;
:iconiya-chen: is like 13 or 2 or something. //notactually2butshe'sveryyoung

OH WOW ! that's awesome O_O
I can see that I guess, though dragons can be fun
my teacher can be like that too - if you're not trying new things, you're not growing I guess ..
though sometimes all we want is dragons ! ;c I guess they probably feel like they can't successfully teach the way they know how if you're unwilling to "cooperate" maybe?
ah that's the thing with art though, it's not math or english or science, it's so hard to teach and learn and grade and everything ..

AH YAY! :0D Thanks so much I get lonely when no one comes to them ; u;
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yorunaka Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so pro, Eddy *A*
lapaa Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ahaha, thanks! XD
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